"The referendum funding is essential to maintain the quality of our schools, the quality of education for all of our children, and the fabric of our community. We strongly support it."

Evanston RoundTable

" We must continue nurturing and supporting all of our children and giving them the ability to reach their potential and achieve their dreams. Investing in our future now will strengthen our community and prevent us from larger payments later.  Let's help to keep our public schools from crumbling.  Its why I'm voting YES on April 4th  for the referendum, and I hope you will too."

Delores Holmes, 5th Ward Alderman


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There's a vital referendum on April 4th to solve the massive structural deficit facing our schools. A Springfield or DC bailout isn’t coming, and the only option is to help ourselves.

In the last 10 years, we've welcomed nearly 1,500 new students, which costs $20 million annually. We will have a cumulative $112 million budget hole over the next 8 years. To make matters worse, Illinois ranks dead last nationally in state funding for public education.

Here's what could start happening next year: Class Sizes of 30+, Closing Schools, Forcing Kids Into Other Schools, Curriculum & Enrichment Programming Slashed, Multi-grade classrooms, No Free Full Day Kindergarten and Teachers Laid Off

We can't be the generation who lets our public schools fall apart.  There is no plan B.

The average homeowner would pay $1.25 more per day (see here for property tax impact) to not only help continue the long standing tradition of our diverse and strong schools, but also protect our property values.

Every $1 increase per student in school funding leads to a $20 increase in a house's value.